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You cannot continue and it may be due to one of the following:

1.  ASL may not hold the information required to enable you to create a username to access your account.  If the date of birth you have entered does not match the date of birth information held by ASL, you need to Contact Us to correct this.

2.  Cookies Need to be Enabled.  This is tested during your logon and access will be prevented if cookies are not enabled. 

3. Bank Information is unavailable. If your payment request cannot be passed to the bank, we cannot complete your booking request.  Your booking should be held in your Shopping Cart until your close your browser.  Please try again later.
4. ASL site is unavailable  ASL outages are kept to an absolute minimum.  If it is planned, the details will be on the site page If it is unplanned, the site will be available as soon as possible.  Please try again in 10 minutes.


If you have received this error for some other reason and you cannot logon to the ASL site, please Contact Us.